Where To Find The British Embassy In Germany

If you’re in an emergency and need to find the British Embassy in Germany you have three options.

  1. The British Embassy in Berlin
  2. The British Consulate in Dusseldorf
  3. The British Consulate in Munich

I’ll give you the details for each of these in their relevant sections below…

British Embassy Berlin

This is the main Embassy for the UK in Germany and is where most political work between the two countries goes on.

You will find the embassy at this address:

Wilhelmstraße 70/71
10117 Berlin

And if you need to email or telephone them:

You can find more information and their opening times on their official page right here. Or you can follow them on Twitter right here.

British Consulate Dusseldorf

The British Consulate Dusseldorf holds all of the same powers as the Embassy and is your go-to option if you’re in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hessen or Saarland.

It’s located at this address:

British Consulate General Dusseldorf
Oststraße 86
40210 Dusseldorf

British Consulate Munich

If you’re in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg this is your go-to consulate. Much like the one in Dusseldorf it holds all of the same powers as the main embassy.

You can find it at this address:

British Consulate General Munich
Möhlstraße 5
81675 Munich

Important To Know…

It’s always worth ringing them before you go to book an appointment or to inform them of an emergency.

They will help you as much as they can, but they can’t help you obtain a visa, build business deals or provide NHS healthcare for you in Germany.