How To Get Your Favourite British Food In Germany

English food – it’s not the best food in the world; but you have to love it.

When I stumbled across an English themed shop in Cologne, I thought I’d found a little slice of heaven…

until I saw the prices.

€2.80 for a tin of Heinz Beans. €2.30 for a Double Decker. €2.25 for a packets Walkers Salt and Vinegar. Those beans better be in a Gold Plated can for that much!

It got me thinking, though…

Where else could you find English food in Germany? And could it be cheaper?

Well, if that’s a question you’ve asked yourself too, you’re in luck.

Thanks to a wonderful person over on the Toytown Germany forum you now have a cost effective solution to get your favourite home foods, delivered right to your door.

Let me show you the wonderful world of Approved Food.

British Food Straight To Your Door

Approved Food is an English wholesaler from Yorkshire that sells food that is beyond its Best By date. That means the food is still perfectly safe to eat but certain supermarkets would still throw it away.

In fact there were even featured on the BBC back in 2011 for their good work combating food waste and to explain how the food is safe.

So the food is safe to eat. And it doesn’t taste any different to what you’d normally buy in a supermarket back home. So you could easily save £100’s buy purchasing from them (of you still lived back at home).

But you’re not, so what does this mean for you and getting your English food out here in Germany?

Well literally all you need to do is go to their site and order what you want from them.

They will then deliver, in bulk, to your front door right here in Germany. And as my new favourite person over on ToyTown says:

approved foods screenshot

£15 to ship 25kg of food is much less than you’d ever pay trying to get your English food from Real or a specialty shop in a town center.

All of it comes in a lot cheaper than it does back home too. I’m honestly a little gutted I never saw this while I was living back in England:

approved foods

This is exactly the opposite of the experience you’d have trying to buy English products here in Germany.

Give Them A Try…

I’m all about trying to make life a little easier for British Expats. And, hopefully this recommendation makes you feel a little closer to home.

If you want to try Approved Foods give this link a click and see what you can find.

Their stock is based on what people have sold to them recently so it changes. But even if you check back a few times you might find something worthwhile!

And if you have an experience with Approved Foods let me know in the comments.