How To Say Cheers In German (And Other Stuff You Should Know)

Learning to say cheers in German is really important.

Mostly because if you’re with a German you’re more than likely going to have a beer in your hand at some point.

But also because it’s a part of the culture and a fun word to know if you’re learning the language or just like collecting the phrases.

So, here goes…

How To Say Cheers In German

The short answer is this:


Imagine you’re saying the word Post but with the ‘r’ sound from the word ‘roast’. Also if you can do it with a bit of phlegm in the back of your throat it sounds even better.

If my awful British re-imagining of the word didn’t do it much justice you can also check out this video that explains how to say it much more effectively:

You’ll soon come to learn that every time you get a new round of drinks Germans will want to make this toast again. Which is really annoying when you live in Cologne and drink Kolsch which is gone in less than three minutes so you end up saying Prost! 17 times a night.

But there are also some other bits of information you should know about giving a toast in Germany…

4 Things To Know About How To Say Cheers In German

I find it really helps to just keep saying Prost! until the rest of the group has stopped saying it and returned to their normal conversation. But, this is also useful to know:

  1. Don’t sip your drink before the toast: That’s considered rude. Even if you’ve already given 12 toasts already that night.
  2. Always make eye contact: It’s a German tradition to stare into someone’s soul when you toast. If you don’t you’ll have seven years of bad sex. (That explains a lot).
  3. Clink at the bottom, not the top: Germans put the base of their glasses together and not the top. It always ends in a wet, beer soaked mess if you get it wrong.
  4. In formal settings: Use the stem of your wine glass and nod at people. Or just do what my Girlfriend does and treat it like a beer and follow the first three steps.

Other than that, just do your best to stay on your feet and not let them drink you under the table!

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