Are You Part of the Deutschified Expat Forum Yet?

When I first looked at moving to Germany I spent a lot of time on expat forums.

I’d find myself trawling through sites just trying to find the answers to the questions I needed to ask.

And while these forums are good and filled with super knowledgeable people, they can also be a little frustrating.

Well not only are most of the forums filled with people debating immigration, Brexit and Donald Trump. They’re also quite poorly moderated and hard to navigate.

Not to mention if you ask a new question you’re asked, “Why didn’t you search the forum for the answer?”. Which seems to go against the point of the forum in the first place.

So, on the advisory of a lot (I mean a lot) of Deutschified readers, I’ve put together a Facebook Group for Expats in Germany:

expats forum

It’s completely free to join and is for people who:

  1. Who are moving to Germany and have questions
  2. Who have moved to Germany and need help/advice
  3. Who are looking to learn the German languages
  4. Who want to know more about German culture
  5. Who want to meet like minded people living in, and around, the different areas of Germany
  6. Germans who want to help people understand their culture/language better

So if you’re interested come and join the community through the link below!

 >>Join The Expats In Germany Forum Here<<