7 YouTube Channels To Learn German For Free

So you want to learn German for free?

I don’t blame you! If you can get it for free, why the heck not?

And while there will always come a time where you need to pick up a course or a lesson, there are lots of great resources for you to learn German online for free.

YouTube was my favourite free resources when I was at those A1-A2 levels and there are some great teachers on there.

In this article, I’ve narrowed them down to the best 10, so you don’t need to spend hours searching.

01: German With Jenny

Jenny has probably my favourite set of German lessons on all of YouTube. Because, well…they actually feel like lessons.

You’ll see grammar points, listening comprehension and written tasks all rolled into one YouTube lesson. She’s even helping me get to C1 level German and I’ve never even met her.

You can check out one of her videos here:

She’s one of the best teachers on YouTube and I highly recommend you subscribe to her channel!

02: Smarter German

Smarter German have some amazing lessons on their channel. They look at German from a simple, almost scientific, standpoint and help you learn the language in a smart way.

For example this video below helps you unlearn English sentence structure and learn the German one by using two audio tracks:

Don’t worry you won’t forget how to speak English! It’s just a super cool experiment.

They also have a case study of how they prepared someone for a B1 exam in just 14 days. 14 DAYS! It took me 14 days to figure out that “Ich” was I and me in English.

Definitely worth a look.

03: Learn German With Herr Antrim

Herr Antrim is an American German teacher with a passion for bow-ties, loud shirts and helping you understand tricky grammar concepts.

He releases three videos a week; Mondays are for A1/A2, Wednesdays are for B1/B2 and Fridays are for three minute German like this video below:

What I really like is that he teaches you through German, which I’ve found to be super effective. Especially when you’re trying to jump from beginner to intermediate.

Be sure to subscribe and keep up to date with his latest videos.

04: Don’t Trust The Rabbit

Don’t Trust the Rabbit doesn’t quite focus on the German language from a teacher’s perspective. But, what she teaches is just important.

She covers German culture and certain aspects of the language – like different names for the same thing, or dialects – that can really come in handy when you live here.

Like this one below:

(Wait. What? People call chinese whispers by broken telephone in America? I’m glad I moved to Germany instead).

A fun channel to inject a little something extra into your learning schedule.

05: Easy German

I used Easy German a hell of a lot when I first started learning. Their Super Easy German series is great for absolute beginners, and they can cover everything from A1 to C1 topics.

Sometimes they talk about specific grammatical topics like below:

Or they take to the streets and ask the general public questions about current affairs and what is going on in the world. (You can see an example of that in this post!).

A really cool channel for improving your listening and grammar knowledge.

06: Get Germanized

Get Germanized mixes German learning and cultural insights into some kind of comic book themed mix.

Don’t be put off by the quirkiness of it, the content is good:

I wouldn’t recommend him for every day German learning. But to mix it up and have something different, it’s a good choice.

07: Deutsch für Euch

I really like Deutsch für Euch because she sticks to two principles that I really care about:

  1. Speaking the language
  2. Having a strong motivation

She’s also super down to earth and nice, which makes learning from her quite easy:

Check out her videos if you prefer a more laid back, chilled out, but informative lesson to help you build your vocabulary and grammar.

PS: Can I Help You Learn German?

I’ve got a free eBook that gives you the exact resources I used to go from zero to B1 German in just four months.

If you’d like to get a copy of it, you can just click this link here!